Jonathan Stevenson

Jonathan Stevenson exhibited in our stalls gallery during Glyndebourne on Tour. For enquiries about the works on show please contact our shop.

Jonathan StevensonJonathan Stevenson statement:

My artwork is informed by very specific experiences I feel passionately about. For me, an experience I am fond of is the result of a well-balanced mix of positive contributing factors. These factors are perceived by my emotional and sensory engagement with my surroundings. So when I was given the opportunity to spend some time at Glyndebourne, solely to make artwork, I jumped at the chance.

Glyndebourne is a vibrant environment – alive with hardworking, creative people – which is why it was such a pleasure and honour to spend a summer there, immersed in a unique and enchanting setting, spilling over with energy and inspirational occurrences. I had the chance to spend my time exploring the environment and watching performances, which in turn informed the body of work that I produced.

Still a student at the University of Brighton, I am at a very explorative stage of my career as an artist. My interests are ever changing which allows me to indulge in various forms of self-expression. The manner in which I respond depends on the way the subject matter has had an effect on me. Whatever subject I look at, connotations and associations instantly start to show up from the catalogue of imagery built up in my mind. It’s these associations that I use to start piecing together new forms of work. After much experimentation with materials and imagery, I work hard to produce an aesthetic that articulates my thoughts and feelings towards a subject. The interests that inform my work arise from all manner of environments, raised in Winchester, currently based in Brighton, I have had a rich basis of natural, architectural and cultural surroundings that have helped to shape my work.

I am extremely grateful for my time at Glyndebourne and would encourage anybody to experience the wonder of place. I hope that a feeling of such an experience shows through in the work, for what I have produced is a celebration of joy and creativity, much like that encompassed on the stage at Glyndebourne.


Arrival, Charcoal 2012 15cm x 21cm. Price on Request.
Breathless, Mixed Media 2012 66cm x 122cm. Price on Request.
Controlled State of Expression, Charcoal 2012 41cm x 30cm. Price on Request.
Exuberant Surge, Charcoal 2012 21cm x 30cm. Price on Request.
Forest Study i, Watercolour & ink 2012 19cm x 13cm. Price on Request.
Forest Study ii, Watercolour & charcoal 2012 17cm x 12cm. Price on Request.
Garden i, Pencil drawing 2012 25cm x 27 cm. Price on Request.
Garden ii, Monoprint & watercolour 25cm x 20cm. Price on Request.
Holt, Oil on board 2012 40cm x 50 cm. Price on Request.
Impossible Reality, Mixed media 2012 40cm x 50 cm. Price on Request.
Infinite Bewilderment, Watercolour 2012 12.5cm x 18cm. Price on Request.
Overture, Mixed media 2012 62cm x 22cm. Price on Request.
Palazzina, Mixed media 2012 50cm x 50 cm. Price on Request.
Tantalising Hopelessness, Mixed media 2012 40cm x 50 cm. Price on Request.
The Cunning Little Vixen, Oil on board 40cm x 50 cm. Price on Request.
‘The Forest Was Darker Than The Night’ Oil on board 17cm x 12cm Price. Price on Request.
Topiary, Charcoal 2012 17.5cm x 12cm. Price on Request.
Unsound Still Logical, Mixed media 2012 40cm x 50 cm. Price on Request.
Yew i, Charcoal 2012 15cm x 21cm. Price on Request.
Yew ii, Charcoal 2012 15cm x 21cm. Price on Request.
Arrival ii. Price on Request.
Breathless study. Price on Request.
Forest Study iii. Price on Request.
Garden iii. Price on Request.
Glowing Occasion. Price on Request.
Holt Study. Price on Request.
Infinity Plinth. Price on Request.
Leafy Exchange.. Price on Request.
Sunshine at Midnight. Price on Request.
Topiary ii. Price on Request.


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