Janet Keith

Janet Keith
Stalls Gallery 

Janet Keith is a contemporary British painter. Her primary interests are painting directly from life and ‘en plein air’. She paints landscape, seascape, still life and portraits. She lives in rural Sussex near the South Downs which provides much of the inspiration for her painting.

The paintings reveal her enjoyment of the forms, colours and patterns suggested by nature, her translation of these observations into vibrant visual images and her enthusiasm for exploring the creative process.

Janet has a degree in the History of Art (M.A. (Hons) St. Andrews University) and Painting (B.A.(Hons) OCA). She has work in corporate and private collections in the UK and internationally.

These small paintings are completed in one concentrated session in the landscape.

 ‘..I am not overly concerned with making a topographical or photographic likeness of the landscape. Rather, I take from it elements which appeal to me, visually, and which I would like to weave into a composition be it the contour of a hill, the line of a chalk path traversing a slope, the colour of soil or crops ripening next to the colour of the sky or an adjacent field, or the way the Downland shrubs break the skyline and indicate the lay of the land.

…The various elements of the landscape provide me with raw materials for the process of making a painting. Hopefully, the finished work will amount to more than the sum of its abstract parts by conveying something of the particular character of the place and time…’

For further information about Janet and her work, visit www.janetkeith.co.uk

Summer breeze through willow, Glyndebourne
Glyndebourne Garden great red beech tree
Sussex Bluebell wood stretching far
View to the hills from Glyndebourne lake
Grass meets barley in Little Haven
Rutted path through Little Heaven nr Glyndebourne
Warm willow reflections and lily pads
Willow reflections deep blue
Chilly Dipping in Glyndebourne Lake
Downland Copse near Glyndebourne
Figaro Garden (blue ropes - winter)
Figaro Garden (winter)
Glyndebourne Hedges (winter sun)
Glyndebourne Pine
Sussex bluebell wood pink twigs
Last of the Snow - Iford
Reflection of green hill in Glyndebourne lake
Three Trees (winter)
Towards Saxon Cross near Glyndebourne
Winter Willow Reflection in Glyndebourne Lake
Champagne Tent
Frothy willows celadon greens
Row of yews at Glyndebourne
Through the Hedges to the Urn Garden

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