Elizabeth Ockford

Elizabeth Ockford

Elizabeth Ockford
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Chosen Opera; Ariadne auf Naxos

Elizabeth Ockford is an Artist and Designer, working in her studio in Rural Sussex. Following her career in Textile Design, she gained a Masters in Fine Art from Camberwell School of Arts in 2009. She divides her time between freelance designing for high-end companies in the interiors market, and creating her own art, which she exhibits and sells widely.

Both her art and her design demonstrate her love of colour and form, and she is able to create images of a wide variety of subjects in both fields. 

'My work engages with Myth and history, through the use of animals that have different symbolic meanings through time and fable. In depicting them I hope to reflect back on the viewer some past memory or response of their own, which brings an individual perspective to the image. I employ found wood and objects as well as printing making and painting, and use colour as a means of conveying an emotional response to a time or place.

When abandoned on the island of Naxos, Ariadne sleeps and dreams, being at once in the world and separated from it. On awakening her life is transformed by first, the realisation of her abandonment and isolation, and then by her love affair with Bacchus (Dionysus in some myths), her redemption and eventual elevation to the status of god. Her crown is thrown into the sky and becomes a constellation, the Corona Borealis.

In these pieces I have used Owls, hares and butterflies, and in them we can see symbols of metamorphosis, rebirth, the soul, fertility, transformation, solitude and wisdom, amongst many others.

The Owl is the guardian of Ariadne’s Dreams, the Hare may represent her transformation and rebirth and the butterflies are the soul or psyche. The thread that runs through them all is the golden thread with which she enabled Theseus to find his way out of the labyrinth, after having defeated the Minotaur.'

Further information about Elizabeth and her work can be found at www.elizabethockford.com

Dream Watcher
Dream Watcher, Sketch
Dream Hare
Naxos Hare
Hare, Sketch
The Journey
Blue Red and Turquoise Hare
Hare and Pleiades
Hare Resting
Hare Running
Hare with Blue and Red
Moon Gazing Hare
Owl Flying
Owl on Branch 2
Owl on Branch
Sunset Boat

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