Andrew Gifford

Andrew Gifford
Mildmay Gallery 

Central to Andrew Gifford’s art is a profound working understanding of the mechanics of light. His practice utilizes both traditional painting techniques alongside neon installations to describe the effect of natural and artificial light on a landscape and the nuanced changes over short periods of time through sequences of paintings, sometimes no more than ten minutes apart.

Commencing with studies made in one location over a period of three or four weeks, he views each exhibition as a complete project culminating in large scale paintings and installations. Recognised as one of the most innovative artists working in the landscape tradition, Gifford’s work has been widely exhibited, including solo public shows at Leeds City Art Gallery (2004), Fruitmarket Gallery Edinburgh (2001) and Middlesborough Art Gallery (2000). Collections include the New Art Gallery, Walsall, Middlesbrough Art Gallery, Chatsworth House and in private collections in Europe, The Middle East, USA and Japan. A monograph on the artist was published in 2005.

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Farm Track Towards Glyndebourne, Frosty Morning
Farm Track Towards Glyndebourne, Late Summer Afternoon
Farm Track Towards Glyndebourne, Late Summer Morning

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