David Pickard's Britten memories

To celebrate Britten's 100th anniversary our General Director, David Pickard has picked a selection of his favourite Britten tracks and shares a particular childhood memory.

Although Britten was a prolific composer of music of all kinds, I have restricted my selection to an area that was at the core of his work - vocal and operatic music.

This allows me to choose the first piece of Britten I ever heard, 'Rejoice in the Lamb', which I sang as a 12 year old chorister, as well as the one I have been listening to most recently - 'The Rape of Lucretia'.

And just for fun I'v e included Britten's arrangement of 'God Save the Queen' which is daring enough to start the National Anthem as quietly as you will ever hear it sung!


David's Britten playlist 

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