The Cunning Little Vixen 2012

Your reviews of the Festival 2012 production

The Cunning Little Vixen 2012 Production

The music was excellently played and was conducted with a real feel for the spirit of the piece.

Everyone should go!

Anonymous 20th June 2012

Very enjoyable. Something different. The costumes were stunning!!!

Catherine Hughes 20th June 2012

I saw it last night and thought it was absolutely wonderful. One of the best things I have seen on the Glyndebourne stage. Bravo.

Anonymous 20th June 2012

We all loved The Cunning Little Vixen. Visually, it was imaginative, always interesting and surprising - the shape of the stage was very clever. We have followed Melly Still's productions and they are exciting and extraordinary. Music and cast were first-rate. Well done!!

Carol Beagelman 28th May 2012

Lucy Crowe shines out amongst the menagerie of cavorting animals in a stunning first night performance in rural Glyndebourne. Brilliant.

Dave Yates 21st May 2012

We thoroughly enjoyed The Cunning Little Vixen... it is "different" and "a bit earthy" (not just the fox holes). Orchestra, singing and sets are all brilliant.

If it comes into a future year's schedule, we will want to see it again.

Shirley & Mike Seaton 20th May 2012

Wonderful performances from all involved. Great production too. We really enjoyed ourselves, notwithstanding the cold weather. The hot soup we brought in a flask was really welcome!

Steven Jonas 18th June 2012

An absorbing evening. Production and performances were compelling and really drew us in - so much so that we head for the cinema screening in Cambridge tonight for a repeat dose.

Anonymous 10th June 2012

What a feel good production for all the family! Short and sweet enough for those previously unfamiliar with opera. A great introduction piece, with delicate balletic moves competing with superb vocals. Thank you to all who were responsible for such an enjoyable performance.

Jacqueline Teague 8th June 2012

A great production with stunning stage set and effects. The music and singing were challenging for both singers and audience but the whole evening was a memorable success and enormous fun........a great night out.

Anthony Proctor 30th May 2012

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