Così fan tutte 2010

Your reviews of the 2010 Festival production

Don Alfonso in the 2010 Revival

My parents went to see Cosi fan tutte last weekend and enjoyed the opera as well as the afternoon tea and evening meal.
A very good wedding anniversary present which I would recommend to all.

26-May-2010 10:45

Angharad Nicholas- Podger

We were again enthralled with the marvellous production; as good as any we have seen.
Bravo the cast and Orchestra and their ebullient conductor.

26-May-2010 12:14

Roderick and Jane Macaulay

I think it was probably the best ever production I have ever seen. The four youngsters were superb, and could act, as well as sing. The darkest ending that I have ever seen matched the libretto to perfection, and the set and production were glorious. 

A thousand thanks for the ticket, and the copy of 'On Such a Night'.

02-Jun-2010 17:13

Deirdre Lay

A marvellous performance and a heady relief after the sombre drama of the magnificent Billy Budd enjoyed on the previous evening. Comparisons may be invidious, but we felt the whole cast was a great improvement on the 2006 & 2007 performances. But then, how could they be otherwise when under the direction and guidance of Sir Charles Mackerras? - surely the finest Mozartian on any podium in the world today!

04-Jun-2010 11:02

Colin & May Newlands

My party and I thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful production of Cosi fan tutte. The singing was magnificent and whilst it is perhaps invidious to single out individuals, I will by commending Sally Matthews in particular. Her voice was so clear and beautiful it was moving, and I could have listened to her for much longer. As usual the whole Glyndebourne experience around the opera itself was also just great. Thanks again and now for Macbeth in two weeks. The Scott party

07-Jun-2010 11:30

Jeremy Scott

Following your e-mail, this is to let you know that Jill and I thoroughly enjoyed the performance of Cosi fan Tutte when we visited Glyndebourne on 27 May. The production was superb and the standard of the music was extremely high. We particularly admired the conducting of Sir Charles Mackerras, who had perfect control of both cast and orchestra.

It is always a great pleasure to go to Glyndebourne. The organisation is most efficient and all Glyndebourne staff are welcoming and helpful. The catering arrangements are excellent as are the facilities for car parking.

We look forward to coming to Glyndebourne again next year.

08-Jun-2010 12:01

Jill and Michael Salmon

A lovely production, beautifully sung and the orchestra was excellent.

08-Jun-2010 12:04

Peter Leaver

We really enjoyed Cosi on Friday – lovely evening, terrific singing, a fantastic production and a treat to have Sir Charles Mackerras in the pit. Small point (it’s what comes of having been an English teacher before I became a harmless drudge): the word ‘surprise’ whizzed past on the surtitles at one stage, and I irritatingly cannot remember when it was, but I think I noticed before it disappeared that it was misspelled (ie SUPRISE rather than SURPRISE. ,br />
One can’t have things like that at Glyndebourne, so it might be worth someone checking.

08-Jun-2010 12:04

Stephen Drew

I loved the production of Cosi and was particularly thrilled by the reaction of one of my guests, who had never been to Glyndebourne previously and indeed knew very little about opera. She was amazed and delighted by the whole day.

Of all the crits. I found the Times crit. nearest to my perception of the opera. It is a clever, cruel story. What a marvellous production it was.

08-Jun-2010 12:05

Sheila Ashley Lewis

Thank you - a wonderful performance. It was an honour to see Sir Charles Mackerras conducting such a lovely production - the singing and acting were delightful (particularly Robert Gleadow and Anna Maria Panzanella, I thought), and the set was cleverly designed. Well done everyone. I look forward to seeing Billy Budd later this month.

08-Jun-2010 12:05

Elizabeth Moore

Possibly the best sung and played Cosi I have ever seen. All the cast were strong, especially Sally Matthews, and the voices were well balanced and well coordinated with the excellent orchestra. A very good production with no tricksy aspects and an unusual slant on the ending. Very good acting, again exemplified by Sally Matthews.

14-Jun-2010 16:36

Richard Strang

We had a magical evening at Cosi Fan Tutte yesterday. The cast was young and enthusiastic and the singing equisite and of the highest standard. I shall never tire of those wonderful solo arias and the trio and quartet singing, although the plot is quite laughable! I was delighted with the period costumes authentic for Mozart's century, a refreshing change from the last Cosi I saw performed in modern costume . The warm summer evening for picnicing the garden perfected our visit!

14-Jun-2010 16:36

Gillian Clarke

An enthralling evening - a magical performance by all though Sally Matthews was outstanding and brought tears to the eyes. The acting was exceptionally good, the scenery and costumes superb and the Orchestra under Sir Charles Mackerras uplifting.

14-Jun-2010 16:36

Ralph and Alexandra Abel Smith

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