The Coronation of Poppea 2010

 Your reviews of the 2010 Tour production

We loved the Coronation of Poppea [not seen before] & Cenerentola but I didnt enjoy Don Giovanni so much. Most of us LOVE being in front of stalls but dont tll too many peoplr that please! THe Don was very black [probably rightly] & I didnt like the clothes or sets much .The other 2 were perfect & fun Best wishes

- Barbara Clark

We saw this production when it was new in 2008 and found it very impresive. The Glyndebourne on Tour production was slightly different, but equally good. An interesting production with excellent singing and natural acting. During the interval I was amused to hear someone commenting that there was too much implied sex in the production. An odd comment as surely that is what the plot is all about! If the production is revived again then I'll be aiming for seats in Centre Stalls, Row A.

- Brian Stevenson

A very clever, lively and fun production. I am not a great fan of modern costume, but the enthusiasm and enjoyment of the cast overcame this. Lots of cross dressing, including a whacky male to female touch. Their was some top class singing well appreciated by the audience although the opera itself lacked memorable arias, in particular from the tenors. It is of intersest to see how opera style progressed from the time of Monteverdi, a great pity so much of his work has been lost. It was better than the Don I saw in the summer at the main Glyndebourne.

- Robert Baty

I was one of a party of four who thoroughly enjoyed Coronation of Poppea. The performances were excellent and we all found the modern dress perfectly acceptable and the design for the Touring Production ingenious. Most importantly the performances were all excellent, what beautiful singing and excellent acting. A marvellous evening.

- Valerie Taylor

Thoroughly enjoyed Poppea - Pappano's TV series on Italian opera prompted me to see it! I was not disappointed and have now bought the DVD of the 2008 performances. I sat in the second row of the stalls and was glad to be able to leave my opera glasses in my pocket. Certainly to have brought them out at certain points in the production would have resulted in dubious looks from those around me! A propos de quoi - the dress code was supposed to be smart casual, and I even received an email in advance reminding me so! I have been to the summer festival many times but this was my first experience of the Glyndebourne on Tour venture - hence my choice of smart chinos, soft leather jacket and tie-less shirt! Big error - it seemed that the vast majority of men were in lounge suit and tie. Lesson learned for Tuesday 9 November - I have to be in Milton Keynes that day, so have booked to see Don Giovanni, the first opera I went to in Vienna in 1970. Am looking forward to it already ...

- John Baildam

I have seen the opera a couple of times before, as has my wife, and we both love it. Our guests were both new to it. We all thought the performance was excellent and worked really well and was brilliantly sung. We had no problem with the staging or modern costumes - this is after all a production which is being toured - and enormously enjoyed the singing and the orchestral playing. This is the best value opera anyone would find anywhere.

- James Thorne

This production is a strong contender for my favourite of the year. I found the singing, the playing, the acting, the staging and the set all richly entertaining and illuminating - so much better than the DVD of a production at De Nederlandse Opera that was my only prior contact with the work. I particularly loved the self-consciousness of it.

- Stephen Wilmot

Took me right back to Glyndebourne's origins in classic opera. Superb playing from the pit, and so well sung. Chaste (?) setting but sharper, and witty, focus thereby. Glyndebourne at its best... but whenever was it not.

- Stephen Withers

We found the Opera very disappointing I failed to see why it was done in modern costume and the frequency of the performers taking their clothes off distracting and to litlle purpose.I failed to engage with any of the characters , although their singing and the orchestra were good it failed to overcome the other issues with this production .A shame as it has been only only visit this ! Not encouraged to see this opera again unless a different prtoduction is produced .

- Colin Webb

We were all new to this opera and our guests agreed with us that it was excellent, and brilliantly performed. The orchestra were very good too. Not usually a fan of modern dress but thought this was most acceptable. well done another excellent evening at Glyndebourne.

- Anthony May

What an absolute delight - a fabulous cast and musical direction - a clever production which allows the music and drama to come across clearly without acting as a distraction. A thrilling experience - and unbelievable that this was written in the mid-17th century.

- Vivien Yule

When I bought tickets I was not expecting to be accompanied by a 13 year old! Nevertheless we thoroughly enjoyed it. She rated it as one of the best operas she'd seen (after Midsummer Night's Dream and Tosca, the latter at the Bregenz Festival). The set was both clever and effective, the singing and, especially, acting wonderful. I loved the different textures obtained by the various period instrument combinations. As a cellist I found the different approaches to the bass line line fascinating. I even went down to the pit afterwards to check exactly what instruments they'd been playing (it was bit dark to identify them all). I too found it incredible that the opera was so early (I'd never heard it before). I have to say that some of my best Glyndebourne experiences as been the early operas (Theodora, The Fairy Queen and this) and I now really make a point of going to them.

- J R Metcalfe

I was lucky enough to be sitting in the front row so could observe the fine musicians the unsung heroes of Poppea with their strange instruments playing this wonderful music.An absolutely breathtaking unique sensual operatic experience which kept me entranced through what seemed to be a very short 3 hours!

- Mike Gingell

Fantastic playing by the orchestra and glorious singing by the cast - but the production was based solely on the director's whim of the moment. Yes - it is good to experience fresh insights to an opera but please could these insights arise out of the music or libretto. This production added nothing and in fact was, at times, thoroughly distracting. Knowing that I had seen the opera on more than one occasion two friends have, separately, asked me what the drowning scene was about - I certainly couldn't enlighten them !

- M Harvey

What an extraordinary production. I found the combination of instruments, voices and visual design completely captivating and must admit to a little grit in my eye during Poppea and Nerone's final aria - thank you

- Nicholas Schiller

I found this performance enthralling from start to finish; the acting, singing and playing were excellent, some of which stood above the rest. And I loved the modern, mafia-style approach to the production, and the innovative use of the staging. This worked really well; sometimes the spectacle of flamboyant costume and complicated scenery detracts from the performance but here the brilliance of the performers and the work of Monteverdi shone out. Thank you for an imaginative and exciting production - bravo!

- Julia Todd

I agree with all the positive comments above - an enthralling production. I recall being thrilled by the Leppard version in the early 1970s, my first taste of Monteverdi, but this revival of the 2008 production is something else. As for the drowning: what better way to underline Nero's vileness? It's not a love story! The dvd must go on my gift wishlist.

- Colin Farlow

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