Glyndebourne and the environment

‘We are deeply concerned about the impact of climate change and our dependency on the dwindling supply of fossil fuels and are committed to reducing our own impacts on the environment. In December 2011, after many years in the planning we commissioned our own wind turbine site. Estimated to produce 90% of our annual electricity requirements. Thus reducing our own generated carbon emissions by approximately 50%.
We are committed to an energy-saving programme which reflects our long-term desire to ultimately become carbon neutral in our direct operations and to raise awareness of our environmental strategy among our employees, artists, audiences, suppliers, supporters and partners.
We believe it is our duty to protect natural resources, so we aim to conserve energy, water, wood, paper and other resources. We will reduce waste through re-use and recycling and by using refurbished and recycled products and materials where such alternatives are available and provided that this does not compromise the high standard of our productions.
We will communicate openly with our audience, suppliers, the local community and other stakeholders on relevant environmental matters. We will monitor the progress of our environmental strategy and review our environmental performance annually.’
–Gus Christie, Executive Chairman

Carbon audit

Data on our carbon emissions has been recorded and monitored annually since 2006. Since 2008 we have worked with Julie’s Bicycle to analyse this data. Alongside this, in 2010 the Environmental Change Institute at Oxford University (in association with Julie’s Bicycle) awarded Glyndebourne the Industry Green Mark. In 2013 Glyndebourne achieved 3 star Industry Green (the highest possible rating) recognising its commitment to understand, improve and communicate its carbon and environmental impacts. The Industry Green programme certifies management and improvement of carbon and environmental impacts.

For the latest Julie’s Bicycle report that includes Glyndebourne’s 2013 carbon audit please download the Carbon Audit from the downloads section.

To date Glyndebourne has already undertaken the following actions to further reduce its impact on the environment:

  • Installed low energy lighting and high efficiency gas fired condensing boilers
  • Approximately 3250lbs of cardboard is taken to local recycling plants every three weeks
  • Made energy saving changes to the air conditioning system
  • Increased use of recycled paper
  • Irrigating the gardens using our own spring and lake
  • 70% of garden waste is currently used for compost
  • Toilet flushes have been adjusted to save water
  • Installed a paper baler to improve the recycling of all waste paper, cardboard and plastic
  • Recycle decommissioned scenery, either internally, or through companies specialising in distributing unwanted props and scenery to other theatres
  • Introduction of a free bus service for our audience resulting in a significant increase in audiences coming to Glyndebourne via public transport
  • Introduced a ‘cycle to work scheme’
  • Offer an interest free loan to staff to cover commuting by rail
  • Created a group of Environmental Champions who represent all areas of Glyndebourne’s operations.


Glyndebourne Environment Policy

Our wind turbine

Our German-manufactured Enercon 44 stands at 67m to tip of the blade.