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See La traviata at a venue near you as part of our autumn Tour or pre-order on DVD and Blu-ray.

We want to share our work with the world. In 2014 Glyndebourne partnered with Picturehouse for the fifth consecutive year and screened three Festival productions in its cinemas. We partnered with the Telegraph to stream the operas online simultaneously. 

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Tour screenings

From 12 October 2014 (varying start times) see The Cunning Little Vixen (recorded live in 2012). Janácek's opera will be shown in selected cinemas as part of Glyndebourne's Autumn 2014 UK Tour.


Apologies for anyone who experienced disruption during the broadcast in cinemas. We have spoken with our cinema venues and there were a small number of localised issues due to adverse weather conditions. You can see La traviata online on our website for the next seven days if you missed any.

OMG - So divine - so beautifull - Violetta you believed she was actually about to die - the most intense work of art amazing appropiate set designs amazing cast all round - thank you all

Thank you so very much for broadcasting this performance! It was very exciting to watch this live!

The cast was fantastic, especially Michael Fabiano and Venera Gimadieva! We saw him in Santa Fe Opera performing the same role! What a treat!

I look forward to your future broadcasts! Again, thank you so much for this!

Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU! For streaming your production for the public to enjoy for a while. Very gracious of you!

With gratitude.

Susan Weinman
Philadelphia, USA

Fantastic!! Thank you for streaming so I could see it from Sydney. Congratulations to everyone!

Hello Mrs Saunders,
I am sorry that you experienced sound problems and thank you for drawing this to our attention. We shall be investigating this and will update you on our findings,

We've just got back from watching the screening of Der Rosenkavalier at the Gate Cinema, Notting Hill Gate. It's the fist time we've seen a screening of a Glyndebourne opera and I must say, it doesn't compare with the Met in HD screenings - or, of course, seeing the opera live at Glyndebourne! The sound was poor and in some places inaudible in the first Act - it improved in the second and third acts, though there were frequent breaks in the sound for a couple of seconds, which was irritating. The camera angles were irritatingly static and unimaginative. Could you not screen the audience/gardens live, during the intervals? With all those reservations, we still enjoyed the opera very much, especially the second act. Great singing and orchestra, though the sets were ghastly and the direction was pretty poor.

Hi Christine,
Our streaming will have a delayed start so that the interval is only 20 minutes for our cinema audiences as a full length interval is not really practical.

What an utterly brilliant trailer! Am just getting ready for the opening performance of Rosenkavalier this afternoon and hope Richard Jones is as inspired as the creator of this trailer concept!

What happens in the interval? There was nothing mentioned on the Cinemac website.

For those not in the UK, the live streaming will be available to view on our website and the Telegraph website

It is a shame that in a world where the Metropolitan Opera of New York and l'Opéra de Paris (among so many others) broadcast opera well beyond their national borders, Glyndebourne productions seem to be only available to viewers in the UK. You produce beautiful operas! Please let the rest of the world into the club.

Frustrated in Canada

Cinema broadcasts of opera productions are now becoming more popular and a great way to bring in new audiences. You previously streamed via Cineworld but this year, they do not seem to be available in Crawley. Surprising as Met opera productions are well attended and audiences seem to be increasing.

Are you missing out?

Rinaldo is not being shown in cinemas this year because it has been filmed previously. This year's Rinaldo is a revival of the 2011 production. It is available on dvd or even better, there are still some tickets available in this year's Festival.

Why is your new 2014 Rinaldo not being shown in cinemas?

What a pity Rinaldo is not screened anywhere in cinemas.

Dear all

Please accept our sincere apologies for the delay in answering your questions. Unfortunately we have been having some problems with our comments function on our site, however, this has now been fixed.

In answer to all of the questions concerning what's showing at your local cinema. On the page above, please do click on the opera you are interested in. This will take you to a page with tabs on. Click the cinema tab and enter your postcode or town into the search.

We are terribly sorry that La finta giardiniera is not included in the cinema season, however, it is included in this year's Tour. Please see the Tour section within Tickets & What's On for more information.

Regarding the query about CAPTCHA I'm afraid this is the most secure defence that we are able to use against spam. Regrettably spam is a huge problem which we are continually trying to guard against.

Most sincerely


I am very glad that you are showing some Festival Operas in Cinemas. But where does the Picturehouse chain operate and how does one find the nearest one to you? There is no link on your Website page.
Also why is so difficult for a normal opera goer to try and read correctly the peculiar characters you have in CAPTCHA? I should think you lose more genuine comments than you catch spam. I will try again.

What a pity that La Finta Giardiniera is not included.

How do I get the programmes/dates iof the operas n Stratford upon Avon. on phoning I only get what is happening in the immediate future

I think it is superb. Wish all sites were as easy to access and good to look at and clear and interesting to navigate as yours. Am looking forward to seeing some of the productions, both over at Glyndebourne and at one of the screenings

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